This is important, very important so please read everything. My family and I have 4 dogs. A Male Great Pyrenees, he is 3 years old. A Female Chocolate Lab, she is also 3 years. Two Papillons. The Female is about 2 years, and the Male a year and a half. All these dogs mean the world to me, and I would hate to have to get rid of them. But my parents aren’t happy with them right now. Let me list their behavioral problems, and anything you suggest will help.
Male GP, 3: Attacks other dogs. Our chocolate lab has gone into surgery because of this, and he is threatening the life of our Male Papillon. He has an insane barking issue. Sam is one of the best dogs in the world, most of the time, and in order for us to keep him, it is crusual we fix these problems.
Female CL, 3: She is the perfect dog except for her barking issue. It’s quite bad, and although there is no way we are considering giving her another home, we’d like to fix this.
Female P, 2: She still isn’t house trained and…