My almost six month-old pomeranian/papillon puppy, Ginger, had not had an accident in three weeks. I was really excited, and she had done really well with letting me know she was ready to go outside. However, over the past two days, she has had two accidents – literally squatted down and peed RIGHT in front of me as she is looking at me! I have her in training classes and the trainer said that a dog isn’t fully housebroken until they have gone six weeks without an accident.
At any rate, I am scheduled to spay her in two and a half weeks, but I’m paranoid she may go into heat before that. I’ve tried checking for vaginal swelling, but she has a lot of long hair down there, and I’m not sure if I’d know the difference since it’s always been covered up. She’s also curling her tail all the way up when she walks around, but she always kind of prances when she trots. 🙂
I’m so scared she is going to go into heat before her scheduled spay, and I do NOT want the un-neutered german shepherd a few doors down knocking her up!
Has anyone else’s dog had peeing accidents before it went into heat? I realize this might just be her being a puppy and not 100% trained yet.