I am currently living with my folks for a little while, Well they have two dogs and a cat….the cat is a russian blue short hair….one dog is a cocker spaniel and golden retriever mix….and the other dog is a papillon long hair…..The cat is an outside cat, and only comes in to eat and sleep….the spaniel/retriever mix is losing hair like crazy….and wont stop chewing on himself, he gets rashes from flea bites…and he has a bad habbit of hopping up on beds…the pappillon…though an expensive animal..I would not recommend this breed..they are hard to take care of, they are difficult to potty train.. he is over two years old..and he acts like going outside is a punishment…he still goes to the bathroom in the house and on the carpets as well..he has a bad habbit of running under the beds as a way to get out of going outside..the two dogs are both horribly infested with fleas and nothing has worked to get rid of them, my question: can someone help with ALL of the above issues??