I really love dogs a lot and have wanted one for a long time now. I have been researching toy breeds for quite some time now and I can’t determine which would be best for me. I have almost come to the conclusion that maybe I should get a kitten. That away it is already potty trained, will not disturb the neighbors and is clean. Although this seems like the easy pet solution, I wouldn’t get to take it places with me as easily as a dog (to the park, riding in the car, etc). I have researched all the breeds, but I seem to find faults in all of them. I know there is no perfect breed, but for someone who works 4-noon five days a week, lives in an apartment, what would be the best breed between a chihauha, papillon, yorkie, pomeranian, **** tzu, maltese? If any other breeds are better, write those down for me. I’m looking for a relatively quiet, laid back dog that will be a great companion. Thanks!