So I currently own a Pomeranian dog, she’s three years old and a spayed female. We also have a eleven year old papillon whose is neutered and he is just a lazy old dog who doesn’t mind other dogs, he stays out of their way. Which, in my case, is a good thing because my Pom is very mean to other dogs. She even goes after HUGE dogs when we are on walks. She needs to be Alfa dog.
Just in case this info matters, we have dog sitters to watch our two dogs when we are on vacation, and they have two other dogs just like mine. One is lazy and one is Alfa dog and fights for it. So my Pom fights with both of them at first, but she likes the other lazy dog after a day or two. But she and the other alfa dog is another story. They fight and we need to keep them separated for a few days. Eventually they can be in the same room, but they aren’t happy and there is tension.
So, my question here is, will I ever be able to get another dog? Can my Pom learn to get along with another dog, or is it possible they will always fight? I think if the new dog is a lazy dog who doesn’t mind being lower than my Pom, then it will be okay. But if the new dog wants to be Alfa, that just won’t work. And my other question is, if the two don’t get along right away, is there some kind of training that I could do so they learn? And how should I introduce the dogs to make the meeting as stressless as possible?
Thank you so much for anyone who can help!