I have a 10wk old Papillon little girl. We got her about 3 weeks ago. My husband and I are trying to crate train her but it’s not going very well. Everytime she is put in the crate she starts howling, crying, whining and barking. She pulls at the cage door trying to get out. It is absolutely horrible. The behavior has not gotten any better over time. We tried to put her in at night to sleep but forget it. The noise is even louder. If we want any sleep at all, she has to come into bed with us. She passes right out then. Yet, the other night she decided to wake up and pee in the bed!! Gross! When she has been in bed with us my husband typically gets up once or twice to take her out in the middle of the night. He just didn’t happen to wake up in time when she peed in bed. Does anyone have any advice. We go to the vet with her tonight so I will be talking to him about it as well. I am at a loss. She is so miserable in the crate! Any help?