I live in San Jose, CA. And i’m planning to get a papillon as a companion. I don’t mind driving.. about 1 and a half hour max. to a local papillon breeder if the price of the papillon is low.
When i say low.. i mean about… $200-$400.
But, since i’ve been searching throughout most of the online puppy selling websites. I already have some experience on what the price range of papillons. There are some that are… 4+ weeks old that are $500 ( shipping included), which i actually don’t mind, other than the case that it’s 4+ weeks old. I’m planning to order a papillon puppy before hand. Meaning before it’s 7-9 weeks old and ready for shipment. Because i have school. and i’m planning to receive the puppy and train it during summer break. Which is around… Early July. So…
Normal Local price that i’m looking for (w/o shipping, just drop by purchase) is about $200-400.
Then for Purchasing the puppy online, i perfer to pay.. around $400-500 total.. which means shipping included.