I own a papillon. he is a silly dog with lots of energy. When i got him the breeder told me he was 18 months. But the vet thinks he is between 3 and 5 years. I love him and am not giving him up.
So either way Boomer didnt know anything when we got him. Talk about teaching an old dogs new tricks…….
So the problem now is that he only eats about less than a cup of food a day. Needless to say he gets full from his treats fast, then wont continue. Is there any treat i can give him??? Any ideas???
On top of this Boomer has an attention span of about 30 seconds. He gets bored and cares more about the little spec on the carpet than anything I have to say.
He is very particular about what he will eat. He was kept in a kennel and is aginst the unfamilar. He wont even eat raw hides I buy from the store for him.
Please help.