Me and my fiance acquired a husky/arctic wolf mix (from good people who know how to handle their dogs) a couple months ago. He’s just turning 4 months in may and we’re already having problems. He is mostly potty trained but when we leave for even 5 minutes he pees in the same area every time. How do you fix a marking issue like that? Also, he has always played with the cats (running around, barking. not chasing or biting) but the other day he went ahead and grabbed the cat like a chew toy. (The cat wasn’t hurt!) I will not stand for that going on in my house. He goes for walks all the time, whether its a short 10 minute walk ever couple hours or an hour in the park. He has also been introduced to my papillon and was scared of him at first, but then decided to play and pounced at (not on) the papillon and scared him to death. Now the papillon climbs onto the top of the couch like a cat to stay away from him like hes the plague. I’m not sure where to start anymore! We tried a suggested method of holding the cat that he attacked and making the puppy lay on his side/back next to me and make sure he wasn’t paying attention to the cat, but this was like a yo-yo affect and he kept going from not paying attention to the cat to trying to eat it. Where’s a dog whisperer when I need one??