Okay, me and my sisters(especially me) are totally stressed out ’cause our brother who’s 12 is impossible to deal with. He has a few learning disabilities but you could never tell unless someone told you. He just learns slower then we do and he looks completely normal. Anyways, he insults us all day, yells at us, tells on us for the smallest things you could imagine, lies consistently, hardly does a dang thing all day , has to be told several times before he even thinks of doing his chores and he bullies my little papillon by teasing him, kicking him, scarying him to death and completely ruining everything I’ve trained him to do. It’s obvious he’s jealous ’cause he doesn’t get his own dog. Anyways, the point is, he’s ruining our lives. Even when I don’t even do anything to upset him my mom still grounds me or something. This happens everyday. I can’t take this any longer. Please help me!!!