I recently adopted a 1 and 1/2 year old golden retriever/doberman mix X AKC champion smooth collie (wonder how that happened?) When i went to the shelter i was dropping of some donations and i saw “Tia” She was very sweet and had just been dropped off. I was looking for a shelter mutt to compete in NADAC agility with. I asked about adopting her and was told she would be ready tommorow, so i signed the adoption papers. When i went to pick her up the next day i was told she had already been spayed by the people who broght her in. I checked her belly and there was a scar from where the stitches had been. The reason she was brought to the shelter was because she could not be trained and chewed everything up AKA- a very high drive dog, just what i wanted. The reason the former owners had gotten her was beacause her mom was an AKC champion smooth collie (the collies dogsitters(who was a family member) let her out in the front yard while she was in heat, she got tied with the neighbors dog, the dogsitters didn’t tell the owner and the dog had puppies at the dogsitters house and the pups were given away) They just had to have a puppy.
After i had gotten Tia home i noticed her belly was getting round. I took her to the vet and she was confirmed pregnant (wonder who was lying?) My vet told me not to do the emergency spay and i trusted him completely. So the pups are due in a few weeks. I will be giving the puppies away to free homes AS LONG as the are spayed/nutered. I will have the new owners sign my papillons pet quality contract.
Is this a good idea or should i do something else? I am also going to talk to the shelter.