but underone condition
that it has to be a toy dog breed or not bigger than cocker spaniel
today i was in NYC ASPCA to look form my new pup but i didnt find my perfect match 🙁
so now im thinking which breed with suit me the best im looking more into personality i like terrier but they can be hard to train and stubborn
so im thinking about those breeds:
cocker spaniel ( english ive heard that american cocker are really mean to people and other dogs)
corgi( pembroke or cardigan doesnt matter)
pomeranian ( thay can be yappy and shed a LOT )
manchester terrier
fox terrier( smooth,wire or toy)
we have a frequent visits from my cousin and she have 2 kids ( 5 and 4 year old )
so im looking for a dog that will be good with kids
i need some advice im not in hurry im doing my research probablly i will get new pup in april for my b-day