The little 4 month old papillon came home with me yesterday. He was a curious young thing, very gentle, very bright, but amazingly well-behaved – won’t jump on sofas nor chew shoes or furniture(at least, not yet). He’s teething, though he did eat a normal sized portion last evening, but hasn’t touched his breakfast ever since.I have yet to observe his poop simply cuz he hasn’t.
I had some mini training and play sessions with him this morning, teaching him not to chew his leash & collar, letting him explore the house. He’s a great fan of sniffing. I used a shake-can and the sound really does startle him. But what i’m afraid it did more than that and frightened him so much that he’s become withdrawn.
Now he’s much less enthusiastic, almost on the edge of sadness and would only like to curl up on this wool mat in the balcony. He wouldn’t respond to his toys or chewies. Could he be “home-sick”? Or could there be something more serious?
thanks in advance!