I have a 6 month old pomeranian/papillon mix. when i got her a couple of months ago, she had several health problems (including worms, kennel cough, horrible fleas, and a staph infection). two months later, she is completely better, and as cute as can be. however, she is always TERRIBLY thirsty. i give her about two cups of water each day (the amount the vet recommended) along with her food twice a day. she laps all of her water up at once and licks the bowl clean. sometimes she even drinks her water before she eats her food. i have her on nutramax puppy, so it’s not cheap food that would be making her thirsty, either.
she is so thirsty that she tries to lap up the water on the floor after i shower, or the condensation on glasses! she gets excited about drinking rainwater outside, too. if we’re outside playing, i do give her exta water, and i give her an ice cube or two every day (they feel good with her incoming teeth).
at any rate, she also poops a lot (about 5 times a day), and tries to eat other dogs’ poop outside. i had her blood tested and had two urine tests done a month ago, and they said everything looked good. is this normal puppy behavior? we’re basically done potty training, and at first i thought this was behavioral, but since she’s gone weeks without any accidents and is still addicted to water, i’m not thinking it’s behavioral.
any thoughts?