You will need to find papillon breeders if you are thinking of obtaining a pure-bred puppy as a pet or are considering showing a dog or entering into professional competitions.  This is because you will need the necessary papers to prove their authenticity.  While there is more than one breeder you can choose from, not all of them are trustworthy.  This is why you need to find someone who is not only willing to answer your inquiries and prove their integrity and good reputation, but who is also interested in finding out more about you.

To get a better idea of what you are all about, professional papillon breeders will ask you questions.  What type of questions?  The following are examples of some common queries:

  • Have you ever owned a dog before?
  • Have you previously owned a papillon?
  • Why are you interested in this particular breed?
  • Are you familiar with this canine?
  • What are your intentions for the pup? Are you looking for a family pet or a show dog?
  • Do you have any children, other household members or current family pets?
  • In what type of residence do you live?
  • Do you work full-time? Will the pooch be home alone all day?
  • Have you already found a vet?

These are only some of the things you may be asked.  You might feel uncomfortable with the idea of papillon breeders grilling you about your life and your intentions.  However, what you need to understand is that they are not trying to be intrusive, nosy or judgmental; their only goal is to ensure that you are a right fit for one of the pups in their litter.  They care about the papillons they are responsible for bringing into this world and are not willing to give up these animals to just anyone who shows an interest or is willing to pay for the adoption.

Therefore, don’t take these questions personal and make sure you answer them honestly.  Just because you admit to never owning a papillion doesn’t mean that you won’t be given a puppy.  Furthermore, ready yourself for the inquisition by improving your education on the breed and by preparing your own insightful questions for the papillon breeders.  If you are serious about being a responsible and loving owner, you shouldn’t have any problem meeting their requirements.