Papillon dogs have been bred for centuries for human companionship and as a result they have proven to be an excellent service dog.  Papillons are often used to provide many different types of services to those who are in need for extra care and support.  This is because the breed is not only exceptionally alert and intelligent, they also possesses an important asset that is required to do such a job – They enjoy spending most of their time with their owner and can establish the ultimate human-animal bond.

What type of work can papillon dogs perform?  The following are some of the more common tasks they excel at:

Mobility service dog – Trained to assist people with physical disabilities, which may include – but are not limited to – paraplegia, cerebral palsy, arthritis, etc.  Though only a small pooch, papillions can help these individuals with everyday chores, such as making beds, and can provide assistance by picking up dropped objects, tugging clothes from the body, shutting off alarm clocks, fetching ringing telephones, pressing elevator buttons, opening and closing doors and so on.

Seizure alert dog – Papillon dogs taught this task alert their owner to an imminent crisis and know how to effectively respond.  Based on the canine’s reactions the owner, who suffers from a brain disorder (I.E. Epilepsy), can then move to a safer area prior to a seizure.  These animals also know how to seek help if needed.

Signal dog – This type of four-legged wonder has learned how to alert their deaf or hearing impaired owner to different sounds and take them to the sound source.  Sources might include a person calling the owner’s name, a smoke detector, a crying baby, a ringing telephone, the alarm clock, etc.

Psychiatric support dog – Some people are plagued with psychological conditions that cause them to suffer fear of social situations, such as panic disorder or agoraphobia (fear of open or public places).  Normally, these individuals are unable to go out into public alone but trained papillon dogs may be able to help control their fears by traveling with them.

Keep in mind that not all papillon dogs have the aptitude to become service dogs.  Thus, if you are interested in obtaining a papillion for assistance, you should know that you will need to find organizations that breed and/or train them for this job.