I have had my Papillon Male dog for two months now and I previously owned a Pap *****. Jess-the female was so easy to train and there were no problems with her. (Not that I can remember anyway).She ran back and forth into the lounge to tell me when she needed to go. Barney, the male I now have seems to know the score, to a degree, as he waits by the door but doesn’t give any indication other than that…and if I’m not in the kitchen, of course I can’t see him and he doesn’t wait long, as I run in the kitchen if he dissappears. He’s now 5 months and I think at last he’s almost got it. (Any tips on how I can communicate with him on that one, however, would be appreciated)! The main problem is he has started spraying and of course from what I see, he doesn’t class this, as needing to go! I know/think, he thinks he’s doing what male doggies do naturally…but the problem is, here, A/ His testicles have not dropped yet. The vet is keeping his eye on this. And B/I’m not sure if I want him castrated straight away, anyway. Please help! I’ve never owned a male dog and I’m at my witts end! Thanks ever so much, folks!