We have a female Papillon who lost the use of her back legs around the 10th. She is precious and very important to our family. For those of you who felt the need to attack me when I was merely looking for an intelligent answer, please don’t respond to this question again. Trust me!!! She gets all of the attention and care that she needs. We have her and a long coat Chihuahua and we treat them as an addition to 4 children we already have. They rule the house! We did not buy them to breed, they are spayed. I am concerned about our Papillon because my husband (whom she is very attached to) left for training for 30 days and a day or 2 later, Ms. CoCo stopped using her back legs. We took her to our Vet, the Vet prescribed her an anti inflammatory which gave her back the use of her back legs, but they are still very stiff. I still have to pick her up from outside regardless of which entrance she uses. I am searching for someone with a similar experience. I want to thank “PomPomMom” for giving me a decent diagnosis to inquire about. For those of you who reacted to my comment about her dramatic disposition, you don’t own a Papillon. We absolutely love her! She is a drama queen, and our family regards her manner in the most loving way. So please!! I only want responses from true and loving dog owners! If you find my inquiry offensive in any way, please do not respond.