I have a 12 week old Pap. I plan to train him indoors and take him out daily for walks only as exercise because my college schedule gives me enough free time to spend with him, but is very erratic.
And I don’t mind picking up his messes if they are in a designated area.
That being said, I’m having issues paper training him. He seems well trained in all other aspects and very bright, and I taught him paper = good from day 1. I have also been cleaning up his accidents with an enzyme thing to get rid of the scent.
But he has some very weird habits. For one, he seems to hate peeing and pooping in the same place. If left to his own devices, he will pee and poop in opposite corners of the room\pen. Another thing is though he knows what ‘potty’ means and that paper is good, whenever he has to go and I put him on the spot, he keeps running back to the spot he chose.
He was doing well, mostly hitting the paper, when all of a sudden he had a complete relapse. What do I do?