Papillon puppies, like all dogs, thrive on routine.  Providing them with a regimen makes things familiar and familiarity gives the pooch a sense of comfort and security.  Canines do not respond well to change and can become very anxious and out of sorts when things become unpredictable.

The following are some aspects you need to consider when creating a schedule for papillon puppies:

Feedings – You should provide your pet with food at the same time(s) everyday.  Whether you feed him once or twice per day, have a set times.   For example, it doesn’t have to be exactly at 6pm, but it should be between 5 – 6 or 6 – 7.  Don’t let his meal sit out all day because he won’t eat, remove his dinner after 10 minutes if he hasn’t eaten and then feed him again at the next scheduled time.   In addition, your dog’s food dishes should always be placed in the same spot of your home, so he always knows where to go if he needs water.

Walks – Although you can take papillon puppies out for a walk whenever you wish, it’s a good idea to try and take him for at least one scheduled walk per day, for example, after dinner.  When you make it part of your daily routine it gives him something to look forward to and ensures that you and he are at least obtaining this exercise if nothing else.

Grooming – To some, dog grooming is a chore while to other it is a relaxing bonding experience.  Regardless of how you may think of it, you need to make cleaning your pup a regular habit as this is integral to his health.  The quicker you familiarize him with the process, the faster he will accept it and the easier time you will have.  The more positive you can make the experience, the better chance that both you and your bud will enjoy this part of the day.

Bedtime – Papillon puppies may sleep throughout the day, but they won’t fully relax until their pack has gone to bed.  Therefore, if your pal sleeps in your room, try to go to bed around the same time each night to ensure both you and your furry friend obtain proper sleep.

Thus, the trick is you need to establish a routine with papillon puppies that fits your lifestyle.  This will not only make your pooch happier, but you will find that you’ll have an easier time controlling him, as well as understanding and predicting his behaviors.