Hmmm so my Papillon puppy is getting progessively WORSE with his
potty training. He has begun to go outside less and less, and go
inside more and more. He even waited until I had put him back in his
kennel to go this morning! (He thinks potty time outside, is actually
playtime with anything that twitches, and he tries to eat everything
with movement…)
I work an 8 hr day, but I leave him in a confined area with puppy
pads. I also leave a small bowl of water for him (should I not be
doing this? I feel guilty leaving him without food as it is!)
I try to get up and let him out first thing in the morning, however,
he’s either already gone in his kennel or doesn’t go outside. If he
doesn’t go outside, I put him back in his kennel momentarily to
continue with my own routine before letting him back out for another
go. (This is where he likes to go… as soon as I walk away…)
Okay so he’s pottied this morning, great. Good job, he went in his
bed, on the floor, everywhere but the grass! I’m so thrilled about
Next I let him eat, he tries to play, but I settle him down enough to
get some grub in his tummy. Now I should probably take him out after
he walks away from the bowl, because as soon as he finishes it! Guess
what!? He goes on the floor…
It’s into his “space” now, which he hates. I know this because when I
get home to let him out, he has gone all over the floor and torn up
whatever pads I had down. (Separation anxiety? That’s a scary
thought…) So, I let him out, if he goes, great, he gets a treat, he
gets to eat, and play and I watch him… sometimes he has accidents,
sometimes he’s good. Now if he doesn’t go, I put him back into this
kennel for a few, then let him back out. It’s tricky because he
doesn’t seem to want a schedule. He wants to go at his convenience
and it’s hard knowing when to take him downstairs. It’s like he’s
waiting for the moment to squat on my dining room floor…
As far as his kennel… he hates it. I try to give him a small treat
when he gets in it, but five seconds later he’s crying. He will not
go in on his own. I cycle being in and out of the kennel, sometimes I
feel he’s in it too long, but if I leave him out longer… he sneaks
off and goes somewhere else. It’s insane!
He’s smart, I will give him that. He has me wrapped around his finger
and I think that is part of the problem. I can’t spank his bottom or
shake a can with pennies. He thinks I’m playing! He bites and nips
and jumps… but he has started to sit… when I have a treat in my
hand and give the command. Now the problem is that he won’t do it
without my hand hanging above his head.
I’ve had a puppy before. Once. Our other dog is already trained, she
was when we got her. She doesn’t know tricks, but she doesn’t have
Can anyone give me some advice? I plan to enroll him in an obedience
class but want to get a handle on his potty training.
Oh, and I did hang a bell that I ring everytime we go out… he
hasn’t figured it out though… I wish he would.