You may be delighted to bring home your very own papillon puppy, but do you know how to make your pup happy?  The responsibility that comes with owning a dog should never be taken lightly.  It is your job to make certain that all of your pet’s needs are met and that you do everything possible to ensure that your dog’s life is a full and joyous one.

The following are 10 tips that will help you provide your papillon puppy with a great life.

  1. Learn everything you can about the breed – Educate yourself about their history to understand their instincts and why they were originally bred; temperament; ideal lifestyle and exercise needs; grooming requirements; common illnesses and so on.  The more you can find out about the papillion, the better you will understand him.
  1. Provide your little one with obedience and training – All canines, regardless of their size or age, require guidelines and must learn to follow your commands.  If you cannot establish yourself as your pup’s leader they will not know where their place is in your pack.
  1. Educate your family or other household members about how to handle and respect the dog – Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to interacting with the papillon puppy because you don’t want to send him mixed messages.
  1. Socialize him – Make sure he interacts with other dogs and humans outside of your home.  You want him to be an accepted member of your community.
  1. Groom him regularly –Papillons need to be brushed daily.  You will also need to clip their nails monthly, clean their teeth every few days and provide them with the occasional bath.  Proper grooming is necessary to maintain his health and wellbeing.
  1. Make sure he has an ID tag – If your pet should ever become lost, you want there to be a way for him to be returned to you.  The tag must have his name and your contact information.  Also keep his collar on him at all times.
  1. Take him for annual vet visits – Your papillon puppy should be provided with the necessary inoculations and preventive medicines – such as heart worm prevention – that he needs to keep him healthy.
  1. Have the papillon puppy spayed or neutered – If you are not breeding your pooch, you can actually help prolong their life and prevent accidents (unwanted mating) by having them spayed or neutered.
  1. Don’t lock him up in a cage all day – Should it turn out that you will be away from home, working for at least 8 hours of the day, you need to have someone look after your pup.  It is cruel for your four-legged friend to be left alone.  These are social animals who want nothing more than to be with their pack.

10.   Love him – Give your papillon puppy plenty of attention.  This includes walks, playtime and petting.  He wants to be loved by you and to give you his affection.  Make him a true companion and you’ll give him all he needs to be happy.