Sorry if this is long.. First time puppy owner :]
Hi, I just got my new puppy 2 days ago. He’s a pomeranian/papillon mix and is about 9 weeks old. He’s like a new baby to our family and is always the center of all the attention, but i’ve been noticing some no no’s about him. Here is a list of things i need help with..
1.He gets car sick VERY easily, starts to drool excessively then eventually throws up..
2.He was already house trained from his breeder but lately Most of the time when i bring him outside he wont go until i bring him inside, THEN he goes! He just sits there when he has his potty time.
3.He’s a naughty boy and wakes me and my bf up at around 5 to 6am just to lay in bed with us, then starts going wild and jumps around with so much energy. :]
4.He ate a little the first day but yesterday and today he barely eats at all… He’s drinking just fine though i think.
5.He sleeps a lot, is that normal ? since he’s just a baby.
6.When i try to get him back inside the house from playing outside or from potty breaks, he never wants to follow me. He just sits there and gives me the puppy face.
7.Every time he looks at something that he can see himself in (reflections) he goes crazy and barks, growls, stare for the longest time..
Training Tips ?
He’s already learning how to sit, only within the first 2 days ! But only if i give him a little piece of chicken, and also not willing to do anything else but “sit”. I want to be able to call to him and he’d follow me, or how to stay, roll over, Most Importantly NOT TO BARK at other dogs or his reflection, and etc.
Here’s a picture of him.