A friend (a nice old couple) of my mom offered us a Papillon puppy(their female got pregnant a few days before they were (scheduled) going to get her spayed & the male neutered) for free (they want to give the puppy to a family they know and will take good care of it). I’ve been wanting a dog for sometime and have been learning how to take care of one…however, I have only been getting ready for a adult dog that I could adopt from a shelter. So, I feel like I don’t know anything about taking care of a puppy. I’m afraid that I’ll have to decline their offer, since when school starts I won’t be able to house train the puppy (mother can’t house train either) since I’ll be gone througout the morning and can’t watch him/her to avoid accedents, which is upsetting since I know I’m their last choice for this pup (so they know who it will be going to and how it’s doing/be able to visit it and watch it grow; which means they’d prefer not to send the pup to a shelter). Do you think I’d be able/find a way to take care of it/house train it/etc?
*It hasn’t been born yet, it should be here within another month/mid July.
* I should get it a little bit after 12 weeks of it being born.