Ok so i have a 3 month old papillon and i got him when he was 8 weeks. asap i started house training him. since i work full time and he’s so little i confined him to the kitchen with his crate and potty pads. i come home for lunch and take him out. in the beginning he would only go on the potty pads and not outside. over time and lots of praise he now goes outside in the desginated spot and on the potty pads inside. i know i am confusing him on where he should eliminate but i’m trying my best with my work schedule. so now i’m wondering would it be too much for him to try to move the potty pads to my patio because it takes an elevator ride down 3 stories and a walk across the parking lot to get to his potty “spot”. it would be so much easier for him on the patio and i am crate training and other than work all my time is spent with him. anyone tried this? all together i’m going to get rid of the potty pads. should i wait or does this sound like problems in the future?