In the future when I have my own house I will be building a kennel where my border collies, australian shepherds, and papillons will be staying. I will rotate who stays in the house and whos in the kennel.
1. How much did it cost you to build a kennel?
2. How long did it take?
3. Do you have any pictures?
4. Do you know a place where I can get some ideas or a design?
5. Do you have any suggestions?
Right now I live with my parents and all the dogs live inside. I only breed and show papillons right now, but later i hope to add aussies and BC’s. Do you think it would be a good idea to build three different kennels for each breed? What about a training building or something to hold obedience and conformation classes in?
I will not be big on breeding, just showing. Maybe have 1 litter per breed every 2-4 years. I just want my dogs to have a cool place to hang LOL!