Abby is a miniature dachshund and papillon mix. She is five months old and weighs just a little over four pounds. She has been in our family since she was 8 weeks old.
At first I put off training with her because when I contacted trainers I was told she was too young and it was best just to develop a relationship at this age.
Three months have flown by and now she’s a terror in our household. She is aggressive; biting hands and feet (even faces!), barking and growling at other dogs, gnawing through wooden furniture she’s even chewed a hole through the carpet! She has a basket full of toys and is never left unsupervised.
My family keeps offering advice(the “rub her nose in it” style) but I’ve been trying really hard to work with her using gentle training methods but nothing seems to be working!
How can I help Abby become the sweet sociable dog I know she can be?