So I’ve decided to get another dog in the next one or two years, but I don’t know what breed to look into. The online dog breed selector tests aren’t any good, and my family is giving me mixed answers on to what dog breed I should get. My older sister wants me to get a GSD, my mom thinks that a Norbottenspetz or a Pyrenean Shepherd would be pretty cool, my teacher wants me to get a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon, my dad doesn’t care, and my friends think that I should just get another Cavalier. You guys will probably give me better answers than the internet or my family will (aside from my teacher, they don’t know much about dogs.)
I’m a fairly active person, and I’m looking to do agility and/or flyball with this dog. Currently I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It isn’t that I don’t love him, but he isn’t really a dog that loves to race down a track to press a button to get a ball (he does like agility, but he isn’t the greatest at it). I want to compete in agility with this dog, and my Cav doesn’t really love it enough to be a top competitor.
I have a 3 year old sister, who will be four or five by the time I get the puppy, but I have even younger cousins, and this dog needs to be good with them.
I know I can handle a dog that is as big as a lab, but I would be hesitant of getting something bigger.
The dog would only be alone for 1-2 hours at a time, I take my dogs most every where I go, so I’m not really concerned with how long the dog will spend alone. Even so, I do have two other dogs that could keep it company.
I would like a dog that is smart, and easy to train.
I have suggested some breeds to my parents already that they have already vetoed. The first dog I brought up when I asked them about it was a Border Collie, and that idea was instantly thrown into the garbage. I love Borders, but my mother and my extended family has had some problems with snappy ones. The Papillon was another breed my mother didn’t want anything to do with, so something bigger than them is probably a good idea.
So I’m looking for a small(bigger than a pap that is) or medium sized dog. I would like one that is smart and easy to train. A dog that is known for it’s achievements would also be a plus too.
I currently have two ferrets, and my sister has a very old cat, so due to the ferrets, I don’t really want a dog that is going to have a strong enough prey-drive to kill them. It isn’t like they would be alone together, but I want to be careful.
I do really like the looks of the Pyr Shep, though I’ve heard that they love agility a little too much, missing contacts left and right. If anyone knows anything about them, please tell me. A GSD would be great too, but its the size thats stopping me. I’m a little person.
So, what breed do you think would fit me?