So tommorow I am going to the pound and rescue a dog hopefully a puppy. I already have a 5 year old papillon mix, he is a little jealous but I plan on doing a proper introduction so that no jealousy arises. So my question is what should I expect going to the pound in terms of the dogs there? ( by the way im in a city) . Are there always puppies? Do the dogs/puppies generally com healthy or do they sometimes come out sick (ex kennel cough, manges,parvo, etc) What should I ask? Also should I rescue a puppy or a slightly older dog? Or what breed or mix do you suggest:: Heres my living situation
I already had a huge dog, unfortunately it died a few months ago, so my mom doesnt like big dogs because she thinks they are to much to handle. I dont think so and I would be responsible in training and I personally would be up for it., (by the way Im 23 so its not my first and Im not a little teenager or kid) She really has her heart set on a littler one but I would also like a bigger one to walk and jog with me. Exercise wouldnt be an issue. The other issue my mom has is that she wants a low – no shed dog. So what are your thoughts- puppy or adult dog? small or bigger dog? if so what breed/s ( considering the fact that alot of the dogs are mutts in the pound) and again what are some questions should I ask them? by the way I am going by myself. Thanks for your help and no sarcastic or rude answers.