well 1st of all these are breeds i like:
cavalier king charles spaniel
english cocker spaniel
shih tzu
italian greyhound
miniature pinscher
shetland sheepdog
yorkshire terrier
kk the youngest kid in the house is me : 15 yrs old. im lookin for a small dog cz our house isnt big and the garden is medium sized. i have two cats and a terrier the cats are k with the dog but it took them a couple of weeks to get used to the dog, the dog is friendly and not dog aggresive but sumtimes his a lil in their face, but im wokrking on him atm to get him better behaved and socalized around dogs.
which one of those breeds i picked would be the best dog to bring into the home?? excersising and grooming isnt a problem for me, but its not like ill be training them and putting them in dog shows, just a pet is all i need 🙂